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Lonely No Longer

Are you lonely? Are you someone who sits on the sidelines, less inclined to interact with other people?

Do you feel like other people seem to have more friends, more dates, more relationships than you?

Do you feel jealous that they enjoy all this, and you don't, when you know you understand relationships at a deeper level than they possibly could?

Are you frustrated that life might be passing you by? Do you feel like you're supposed to be more outgoing and behave differently than is natural for you in order to have these relationships that you see other people having?

Isn't it a drag to have to act unnaturally extroverted?  Are you resentful that you're expected to be different from who you really are, just so that you can have friends, lovers, relationships, and the family you want to create?

I can help you.

There is a path, and it's not the path that most people follow. It's not the path that most people teach, because you're different than these other people in the world.

I understand those differences because I am one of them—I am one of you. I am an introvert. I often stand on the sidelines and observe more than engage.

Through my experiences, I have learned some ways to prevent that loneliness, to meet other people, to interact, to date successfully. It is possible for you no matter how shy you think you are. You can tell me your biggest tales of relationship woe, and I'm going to understand. I've heard it. I've felt it.

Let me lead you. Let me show you that there is a path.

I will show you a path that works for you.

You're not going to have to get on an online dating site and you're not going to be playing any games at all with this, but you will be feeling more playful.

You're going to meet real people who can really connect with you.

I'll teach you techniques that you can use on your own that are surprisingly easy. They're something you can do on your own.

You don't have to be out socializing to do these, as unlikely as that sounds.

Apply these principles, and the people who are a match for you start to show up in your world naturally.

Wouldn't that feel amazing? That you can still be you, and the right people for you somehow enter your world without you having to work—at least not in the traditional sense...

I am going to empower you through your confidence and self-knowing. Through this confidence, you will attract the people you want. Sometimes we forget how to use our confidence, and we don't realize that it is the key to attracting the right people.

I'm here to remind you who you are. Everything you need you already have in you. You're not broken. You're not lacking anything.

I will support you to reframe and reconnect with your inner resources, which will inspire, encourage and reawaken who you already are.

I can’t give this to you in a book. 

As much as I would love to, we are deeply social, even as introverts. Loading you up with information isn't going to do the trick. It's through our interaction that you are going to find this place in yourself.

When I work with you, I compassionately listen, I don't judge you or make you wrong for anything you feel or want.

If you are tired of feeling lonely, and if this approach sounds promising, I invite you to contact me for a 15 minute conversation with me (yes, free), so you can get a feel to see if it is a fit for you to work with me in my one on one. To schedule your consultation, please email me at or message me on Facebook:

I don't play games. I aim to be as transparent as possible. Right now I am working on a ranged pay what you want model. We can discuss what feels right to you when we talk. I don't do the pushy sales thing, so if this is not right for you, you won't feel pressured. If you are ready to invest in a happier you through a session with me, use the button below.