Douglas Frederick  MA, LMHCA
Relationship Coaching for
• Individuals
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How would you like to step into a level of well-being in body, mind, and soul you have never known?

Do you sense you've lost your place in our rapidly changing world, that what worked before is now broken? Is fear and uncertainty stealing your joy? 

Are you doing what brings you joy and pleasure—or are you settling? Are you living a life of quiet desperation, wondering if there is any way you can really do better than this?

Are you experiencing the kind of nurturing and fulfilling relationships you desire? Do you feel lonely in the middle of the crowd?

Would you like to experience romantic connection and intimacy more deeply than you thought possible? Do you know how to attract the people you want in your life and how to deal with those you don't?

Are you aware how your health may be suffering from unhappy thoughts and external stresses?

Do you crave a more meaningful experience of yourself, your world, and your life? Do you want to know what it is to truly be free?

If any of these describes you, and you are hungry for real, lasting change, contact me.

I offer:

holistic, streamlined counseling that works
fun, effective dating and relationship coaching
life coaching that turns your work into play

video skype sessions
phone sessions (PST or PDT)
full 60 minutes
free 15 minute follow-up call
flexible hours and spontaneous service
sliding scale

Contact me by:
phone: 425.273.1976